DTI Webinar – Trading Price Action with John Paul

Yesterday, John took part in an educational webinar event hosted by DTI. The video above shows John’s presentation, where he covered the benefits of price action trading. He also discussed how most traders think, front running trades, essential tools and chart configurations, stop and entry placement, problems with using indicators, exact trading setups, and how to differ your trading style from the herd.

Two of the trading systems discussed in the video are the Atlas Line and Power Price Action. The Atlas Line is trading software that will tell you to enter long or short at a specific price (a very accurate signal). Power Price Action is a 4 DVD Course that teaches a handful of valuable trading methods, the crown jewel of these is the Blueprint Trade. Live training is included with purchase of both products (although Power Price Action includes 8 weeks of training).


  • Steve says:

    The video has been amazing. Great work, John!

  • paullli says:

    i follw ur posts on fb and twitter all the time great stuff johnny!

  • Rev Luke Chambray says:

    Been trading using your ATO for almost a year and interested in adding another method to day trade futures.
    Your methods and videos are spot on.
    Thanks for all.

  • Bernard L says:

    had a free webinar recently on using the ATM
    I have the free simulation vesion of Ninja
    As I understand I can use this free version to plot your Atlas Line and other methods on just like you do
    And if I swtich to the live version it seems to just transfer the indicators

  • sal says:

    everything you need to trade is on your chart already so very true…
    indicators are uncesseary…
    they only mask the true element you need to trade…. price behaviour!
    such a valuable presentation mr paul thank you

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