Day Trading for Income – Oscar G. Update

We have a Price Action Webinar scheduled this Friday, September 9 at 10:00 a.m. US/Eastern. Here’s the link to attend:

That handsome man in the video above is Oscar G. from Portland, OR. You may remember him from a testimonial he did back in July, 2010. Oscar was the first to participate in the Day Trade to Win Private Mentorship Program. In his most recent video, Oscar describes his trading experiences since that time. Oscar is a successful full-time income trader, crediting his success to the support and price action products of Day Trade to Win. He says his most successful month brought in $41,000 due to his Mentorship education with John Paul. If you’re interested in receiving the same education as Oscar, contact John Paul by completing the form on the Private Mentorship Page or call us at 888-607-0008.


  • buzz says:

    i need no persuading you have really attractive day trading courses its just a matter of choosing which would fit me the most. ultimately i want to grow my account and do the coaching program.

  • mongo says:

    Oscar…I’ll call you. Thx for the phone number (503) _ _ _ 9889. Found you on Google plus I can lip read 😉

    Talk Soon – MM

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