Consistent Atlas Line E-Mini S&P Profits

Two charts, two consecutive days of E-Mini S&P day trading. Both days, Atlas Line™ users knew what the market was going to do AHEAD of everyone else, allowing them to place targets and beat the rush of orders.

Remember to click on each image for a bigger version.

November 18, 2010
Consistent Atlas Line E-Mini S&P Profits

November 19, 2010
Consistent Atlas Line E-Mini S&P Profits

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  • John Paul says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I don’t recommend the ATR “Average True Range” method of trading with tick charts. The Same with Range charts as well, the ATR does not help you in the same way with these type of charts.
    I will be introducing the PowerPriceAction Method coming January 2011 which will be much more price action trading for Forex, and futures
    There is very little information that i know of readily available for you to expand on the knowledge of price action trading which is worth while – i wish there were more resources on it!

  • daniel sternthal says:

    Attended your seminar where you discussed the use of the ATR.
    Some questions left unanswered. Can you help clarify the following please:
    I am trading the NQ on the 377-Tick chart.
    What are parameter settings for the ATR on this chart.?
    How do you determine Stops and Targets based on the ATR?
    Can you refer me to additional reading material on this subject?
    Thanks….Daniel Sternthal

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