ATO (At the Open) Method – Last Three Days in Review

Consistency – we talk about its importance every chance we get. Since its creation, the ATO has been a reliable technique for capturing ES points at the first move of the day. We’re so active teaching new students, conducting webinar events and showcasing products like the Atlas Line, sometimes its good to show the effectiveness of our individual courses. This video shows the last three consecutive days where reasonable returns were possible. The ATO method itself is not black box – you’re taught how to recognize the setup step-by-step, and just as importantly, how to manage the trade with targets and stops. It’s easy, and you’ll probably learn the method within a couple hours. To go one step further, John Paul conducts a live webinar with purchase so you’ll get first-hand training. The signals you see on the chart show the ATO software that’s included (but not really necessary once you are able to recognize the setup).


  • chad says:

    I use ATO religiously for day trading, and it has really payed off. Can’t thank you guys enough for everything I’ve learned in your day trading course.

  • looking for consistency says:

    Being that right now I can’t afford the complete membership, I’m just going to start with your ATO and Atlas. Looking to take 1 or 2 winners a day in the mornings and be done for the day.
    I trade futures but primarily ES Emini.
    I can’t get continous results with the indicators that I’ve been using the last couple of years.

  • looking for consistency says:

    nice video
    if i had the ato on those 3 days it wouldve helped me, no doubt.
    march 19 and 20 was upside down for me.

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