Today’s E-Mini Trading Results Using Atlas Line

The Atlas Line spotted a long trade before it occurred on the E-mini at 1249.25. This long move was worth 4.5 to 4 points of profit. When price started to drop as indicated by the three red candles (five minute chart), the intersection of price with the Atlas Line indicated that it was time to go short. Further confirmation was prvided by the short signal at 1242. These order signals are autoamtically displayed on your chart and can be toggled off. In the video, John also shows how the Atlas Line can be traded on the overnight Globex session. Notice the nice long trade at 1248. In tonight’s webinar at 5:00 p.m. US/Eastern, we’ll go over the rest of the day after this video.

Again, here is the room link:

See you there!


  • Matthew C. Krinatatoal says:

    Is Ninja Trader the only platform you use?
    I like TOS Think or swim and i’m using a Mac. Can i contact you directly or make an appointment? I have some more trading related questions but too long to list here.

  • John Paul says:

    Yes, the Recording will be available in about one hour, the webinar was filled to capacity as the turn out was larger then expected.
    Please check the blog as it will be posted as the most recent post.
    John Paul

  • henry says:

    I was not allowed into your webinar for tonight because you were at capacity. Will the webinar be recorded?

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