Atlas Line Produces 2.25+ Points Today E-Mini

The Atlas Line called a great short trade on June 6, 2011 worth about 2.25 points, equivalent to $112.50 with a single contract or $1125 for those who trade with 10. Remember that each time you enter long or short, have a reason to do so. The Atlas Line provides a reason for how to day trade, and also provides an indication of the future direction of price. Once the short signal was generated, we knew to stay short because of the blue Line above the candles. An Atlas Line Pullback trade occurred around 10:30 a.m., with a red candle confirming price would drop again.

E-Mini S&P – Atlas Line Trading – June 6, 2011

Remember, we don’t post every time the Atlas Line has a winner – the software has really been on fire the last few months, even more than usual.

A private training webinar (like a mini day trading course) is included with purchase of the Atlas Line. You can learn how to use the software and identify these unique setups. Also, the Atlas Line works with every market: Emini trading, Euro, Russell, Dow, Forex, etc. and is available for NinjaTrader, eSignal and TradeStation.


  • John Paul says:

    Which markets and courses are you referring too? The Atlas line has at least 1 trade and maybe 4 or more trades bases on the bounce or double bar trades it provides. check out the video and info at /trading-software
    if you have questions email me. you may also look at the courses for emini and futures which are all price action. check out the day trading courses
    John Paul

  • John Paul says:

    I prefer limit orders to trade, especially in slow markets like today on the emini sp. slippage should not be a big deal only about 1 tick is usually lost. check this page our for the courses that i have available:
    thanks and good trading
    John Paul

  • John Paul says:

    yes we have ninja trader, TradeStation and E-signal available for the Atlas Line. Check out the Atlas Line Page at /trading-software
    if you have questions on day trading the futures markets or currencies i am available my email.
    thank you
    John Paul

  • bulldog says:

    Trading ES EMINI S&P Futures… Using Ninjatrader and Tradestation… would need software for both of these. do you have?

  • charles in charge says:

    Slippage is taken into account?

  • harry potter says:

    How many trades per day does this give… I’m looking for less trades, more accuracy.

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