Atlas Line Effortlessly Spots Short E-Mini Trade

When two consecutive closings appear below the Atlas Line®, it’s time to go short. The Atlas Line plots a Short order text signal when this occurs. In the video, you can see how this rule works in our favor using a live trading account.

John uses three stops for trading most of the time: a Catastrophic Stop, a Prove-It Stop and a Time Based Stop. These are mentioned in the video. In the live training session that’s included with purchase, John goes into more detail about these stops and the many trades that are unique to the Atlas Line. This short trade was worth about $1000 profit based on the amount of contracts in use. eSignal and TradeStation are also supported. NinjaTrader is John’s preference and is used in most of our videos and coaching lessons. Remember, the Atlas Line works for more than just E-mini trading. Many traders use the Atlas Line on markets like the Crude Oil and Euro on a daily basis. Because the software is based on price action, trading these other markets can be done on-the-fly, with no need for configuration. The Atlas Line looks on how price has performed up until the current moment before producing order signals. Day trading coach John Paul will show you how to correct the time zone parameter to market open time based on your time zone.


  • Aimee says:

    In the last teaching session i only attended for the last half hour. was it recorded, and if so where can i find it on your blog or website.
    My internet was acting up.

  • Donald Mk Savoy says:

    How can i learn to trade if i don’t have a broker yet? Do i need to get a broker first then purchase the ATO, or should I get the ATO first then find a futures broker.
    I was recommend by Michael Talosono one of your students. Thanks for your input – D.

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