2.5 E-Mini Points Today Trading the Power Price Action Method

Remember to roll over to the new E-Mini contract! We’re trading the September contract now.

We did a couple of Atlas Line posts this week. Now it’s time to demonstrate another technique, taught in the 4-DVD Power Price Action course.

Around 3:00 p.m. EST, (about 1 hour, 15 minutes before market close), we identified a Power Price Action setup. Based on a set of proprietary rules, today’s emini trading setup was worth 2.5 points.

These setups occur just about every day, sometimes multiple times per day. Also, the setups can be applied to other futures, financials and currencies. This is one of the price action methods we teach that can be traded on Forex as well.

Day traders always want to know the types of stops John Paul uses when trading:

1. Catastrophic Stop

2. Time-Based Stop

3. “Prove It” Stop

…each of these setups is explained in the course, which includes a color workbook and eight weeks of live training. You can receive three free videos which will help you on the path to learn day trading at PowerPriceAction.com as well.


  • ferni says:

    comeon this is basic knowledge a good futures trader should already know no?

  • Monica S says:

    Hi John- sorry for missing a couple of the classes, I was able to attend yesterday’s. Really great stuff as always. It’s really great that you have the recordinds of the classes, I can always follow that way… thanks for the great experience!


  • wita says:

    is it better to get the atlas line or power price action? i can’t decide between the two. do you offer discount if i buy both? thanks looking forward to joining to trade price action soon…

  • pierre says:

    hello sirs, i’m considering buying this pacakge seen here and would like to confirm i’m in france and want to make sure the DVDs will work on my system player or computer. merci,

  • frank castalone says:

    this going to be gr8 for me im looking to trade every day for 2-3 points and thts it…

  • ned fish says:

    clear rules and easy setups, great job leading us traders to rid ourselves of indicators that don’t work… thanks day trade 2win

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