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Wouldn’t it be great if you had an automated solution to tell you when to go long or short and at what price? That’s exactly what the Atlas Line can tell you. In this video, the first Atlas Line signal of the day on the ES (E-Mini) appeared around 10:00 a.m. when price was at 1287.5. John then placed his entry to go long exactly at the provided price. Profit targets are always based on what the markets can produce (volatility) as determined by the ATR (Average True Range). Using this information, we know to go for a profit target of 1.5 points (6 ticks) based on current market conditions. You’ll also notice that the stop is placed automatically using NinjaTrader’s ATM strategy. Stops and targets can be adjusted on the fly by dragging and dropping the Chart Trader markers on the chart. If necessary, John will switch his stop to a Time-based, but usually relies on the Prove-It if market conditions are not going in his favor. Each stop type as well as profit targets are taught in the live training session that’s included with purchase.

Really, trading can’t be any simpler. That’s the goal of the Atlas Line. Consistent results. See our previous post below showing the trading results of the last three months.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I personally have been using the Atlas Line a few months & have many, many days of experience watching the first double bar long/short off the Atlas Line.
    My 2 cents worth is that this double bar long/short trade has been a favorite of mine.
    The AL has been a helpful aid in determining the soundness of my decision to go long or short @ any given time.

    The morning is the time to focus on the market intensely & the Atlas Line can be a phenomenal aid to profitable trading.

    Nate (mentorship student)
    Seaside, OR

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